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Welcome to Kuymal Belgian Sheepdogs. My name is Peggy Richter. I am a herding trainer and a licensed AHBA and AKC herding judge. I also research the history of herding, its use among various breeds, as well as training methods. Under the Kuymal kennel name, I breed Belgian Sheepdogs occasionally, with a strong emphasis on demonstrated working ability.

Kuymal is a kennel breeding only Belgian Sheepdogs and I am devoted to preserving, promoting and improving herding ability in the Belgian Sheepdog, as well as in enlarging this breed's talents as a protective companion dog. Kuymal was established in 1980. I don't have a large kennel, and average one litter about every 3 years, so sometimes there may be a bit of a wait if you want a pup from Kuymal. I like to think it is worth it in terms of a dog that is physically and mentally sound, a solid companion dog and one that is capable of a number of performance tasks.

Videos of our dogs at work at at this site. We hope you enjoy our website.

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